Time stands still here. Venice at Carnival is the world headquarters for dreamers. Their dreams are visible. They wear them on their backs. There is no need to sense them in the stones, turrets, spires and domes of the city because here the human figure reigns. I was thrust suddenly into a moving sea of parading figures. I painted two dozen pictures of them to catch their bizarre stances and the contrast of their brilliant plumage against the murky night. Somehow paint alone could not express the theatrical, sinister quality of this assemblage and the mixed feelings of admiration and aversion these figures produced in me, so I accompanied the paintings with short poems.

- Letizia Pitigliani

Sun Man, 1987
Soubrette Man, 1987
Silver Dancer, 1987
Phantasmagoric Man, 1987
Ghost Family, 1987
Vampire Man, 1987
Blue Face,1987
Swan Man and Son, 1987
Gold Mask, 1987
Parthenon Man, 1987
Dede, 1987
Pink Paper Lady, 1987
Double Face, 1986
High Priest, 1987
Golden Man, 1987
Red Man, 1986
Moon Man, 1987